Can You Take Plan B on Birth Control? When It Is Necessary

  • You must solely take Plan B for those who’ve had intercourse and missed greater than three contraception drugs.
  • You’ll be able to summarize taking your contraception the identical day that you just take plan B.
  • However for those who take ella, it’s a must to cease your contraception for 5 days after taking it.

Though contraception could be very efficient at stopping undesirable pregnancies, small errors like not taking your tablet on the identical time every day can enhance your danger. On this state of affairs, you might want emergency contraception, like Plan B.

You’ll be able to safely take Plan B whereas taking contraception, says Dr. Nicole Mitchell, an OB-GYN with Keck Drugs of USC. However there are cautious steps it is best to take to be sure you are totally protected against being pregnant.

When do I take Plan B if I am on contraception?

For those who’ve been taking your contraception as directed and never lacking doses, there isn’t a must take Plan B, says Dr. Sophia Yen, the reproductive well being professional and co-founder of ladies’s telehealth supplier Pandia Well being.

In these circumstances, the contraception already protects you from being pregnant. Yen says taking Plan B would simply give your physique extra hormones than needed. This might set off disagreeable unwanted effects like nausea, pelvic ache, and even vomiting in rarer circumstances.

Nonetheless, when you have missed three or extra days of contraception, it is best to use emergency contraception, Yen says.

Plan B is 95% efficient at stopping being pregnant for those who take it inside 24 hours of semen getting into the vagina. You’ll be able to take it up for 72 hours after Friday, however the efficacy decreases every day.

Can I proceed my contraception pack after I’ve taken Plan B?

For those who’re taking Plan B since you missed just a few doses of contraception and had unprotected intercourse, you possibly can proceed taking your drugs immediately. Ideally, it is best to resume your pack the identical day, and keep away from intercourse or use a backup technique of contraception like condoms for seven days, Mitchell says.

It’s because Plan B solely protects you after one incident of unprotected intercourse, so you will wish to cowl your self whereas your primary contraception technique kicks again in.

However there isn’t a one-size-fits-all rule of thumb to be adopted. , pointers might differ based mostly on the particular model of tablet you’re taking, so it is best to search for info based mostly on the particular kind of contraception, and even higher, contact your OB-GYN for assist — significantly for those who’ve missed three or In the end extra drugs.

Can I take her on contraception?

Some folks might go for her, which is a prescription-only type of emergency contraception that is much more efficient than Plan B, with solely 9 out of 1000 folks getting pregnant who take it inside 24 hours.

Moreover, it’s simpler than Plan B for those who weigh over 155 kilos.

However for those who go for her as a substitute of Plan B, it’s a must to cease your contraception for 5 days after taking it, says Yen. It’s because ulipristal acetate, the energetic ingredient of it, is an anti-progesterone.

For those who combine this together with your hormonal contraception (which comprises artificial progesterone) it defeats the aim, making the emergency contraceptive much less efficient, Yen says.

Because you should not take her and contraception on the identical time, you could use backup contraception comparable to condoms for those who’re sexually energetic throughout this time interval.

As soon as the 5 days have handed, it is best to begin a recent pack of contraception after taking it, Yen says.

What to anticipate after taking Plan Borella whereas on contraception

For those who take contraception and Plan B, some of the widespread occurrences to anticipate your interval being off-cycle, as it might come earlier or later than anticipated, Yen says. This might vary from a few days to every week away out of your interval’s anticipated arrival date.

Mitchell says just a few different potential unwanted effects of Plan Bar:

  • breast tenderness
  • dizziness
  • Headache
  • fatigue
  • Nausea
  • vomiting

The unwanted effects of her are basically the identical. Nonetheless, in contrast to Plan B, it might trigger menstrual ache, however not breast tenderness.

Insider’s Takeaway

For those who miss a number of days of your hormonal contraception and wish to stop being pregnant after unprotected intercourse, emergency contraception is an effective possibility.

You’ll be able to safely take Plan B and its generic types alongside your contraception. Nonetheless, for those who take her, you will have to cease your contraception for no less than 5 days after.

For those who aren’t positive what the very best plan of action is for you, do not hesitate to name your OB-GYN for recommendation.

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